Coffin Bay Day 80 Sunday 24th June 2018

Once again a very wet tent and a morning mist today, but with a nice undercover area packing up was still easy and dry. We wrote in the visitors book then cycled the 3 km back to the Flinders Highway.

A tree but not as we know it

Starting off it was very still and we almost never noticed the gentle up for the first 10 km! Gaining a massive 96 m from Kiana Park.

There be a hill ahead

There was a lot more green everywhere now, the cause of that did fall on us a couple of times today, nothing too heavy and it was a problem that a nice cosy waterproof jacket quickly fixed.

There be more hills and rain

There was now trees trees everywhere, the fields seemed to be quite lush with grass and some sort of brassica (for all PE teachers out there that is something in the cabbage family). There was even a couple of large hills, hence the rise in height, these seemed to be the cause of more rain here (again for PE teachers look up what happens as moisture laden air meets a hill).

Suddenly there were trees again

After the up there was a nice 10 km gentle down, then 10 km flat then 15 km up again reaching the heady altitude of 120 m, we were probably at risk of oxygen starvation spending too much time at such a height, fortunately we quickly descended before hypoxia set in.

Janet showing off riding one handed

At 68 km we turned off the highway onto a clay road for 5 km before the final 6 km of sealed road into Coffin Bay. The town has a small grocery and bottle store, a pharmacy, a beach shop (where you can stock up on beaches if you are running low), a yacht club and a couple of places to eat.

It is a beautiful bay, very sheltered resulting in lots of boats anchored here, hence the yacht club. It looks like many of the houses here are all holiday lets.

Boats galore

At the caravan park for your $24 you get an unpowered site, showers and camp kitchen (which is OK but with a little more thought and it could have been great).

Once set up it was going to be a while before the tent dried properly, so we went to the shop to get something for tonight, a barbecue pack and wine and beer. It cost $17 for 6 bottles (375 ml) of beer and $17 for a 4 litre box of wine, wine is cheap beer is expensive.

There was just enough time to pop down to the jetty with the fishing rod, sadly nothing was caught but there was quite an impressive crane (one with feathers) and masses of swifts (?) flying at dusk.

The crane wonders how it can open the bottle of pop

Just food to eat, wine and beer to drink, a piece of cake and of course biscuits. Then slowly wobble to the tent where you can hear the thump thump thump of kangaroos as they hop past in their search for tasty bits of grass.

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