Kiana Park Day 79 Saturday 23rd June 2018

After what we thought was a leisurely pack up we still managed a 9.00 am start. On leaving the campground we cycled along the main street past the shop and out on to the Flinders Highway.

The highway started off with the same ups and downs of yesterday, but very quickly opened out into flatter areas of pasture land populated by sheep. It was very reminiscent of Yorkshire without the hills, dry stone walls, cloth caps and whippets but plenty of limestone everywhere.

Limestone and sheep where could this be?

A large 4WD pulled over to check if we were ok, this does not often happen, he turned out to be a fisherman after salmon. He did get stuck on a beach in soft sand and had to wait there overnight before a road repair crew happened to be passing and pulled him out.

There are new born lambs everywhere

Continuing on passing Lake Hamilton to our left a huge area of open water, definitely not fresh though, not a single bird to be seen on it. At the start of the lake was the restored Lake Hamilton Eating House from the 1800’s. Here Janet picked some wild rocket to supplement our food tonight, I had already hunted and captured a packet of biscuits again this would also supplement our food tonight.

Hamilton Lake with a red bush

At the end of the lake some 8 km later we turned off the highway for 3 km to Kiana Park, this is a caravan site on a farm, lovely and green, hot showers and water, nothing else though, but it is $15 To camp here.

The luxury of white plastic chairs should never be underestimated

There is not a single soul around, very quiet, we enjoyed a nice pasta meal (made yesterday and frozen, just needed a reheat), watched a nice sunset then as it went dark called it a night.

A lonely water tank

The day ends

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