Venus Bay Day 76 Wednesday 20th June 2018

To give ourselves every chance to avoid headwinds which should be midday onwards we got up and out early today, the tent was wet from some quite long periods of light rain during the night.

We said farewell to Pat and George who are off to Coffin Bay today (we will be going there in a few days time), they have been great company and very kind to us British cyclists.

Janet, Pat and George

Riding out of Streaky Bay the roads were all very wet but were very flat and would remain so all today. Our plan was working there was not a sign of any wind.

Cycling through a lot more greenery today, many of the farm fields had been planted and the first shoots could be seen.

Typical surrounding farmland, and Port Kenny is 32 km away.

It was nice easy riding and soon at 62 km we entered Port Kenny, a very small town with a gas station as it’s only shop, this happened to be the post office and even better had my new fishing rod waiting for collection. Once I had it then it was strapped across the bike, wide load now!

Wide load ahead

About 7 km further on we turned off the highway for another 7 km to get in to Venus Bay. This is a very large bay with a deep but narrow opening to the sea, well protected from the elements. The caravan park is very nice, we have a spot right next to the sea for $25, there is a nice shower and a good camp kitchen, here they have pots pans etc.

Janet hiding behind the tent overlooking Venus Bay

There are many many pelicans here, you can get close to them and the main thing that stands out is their very spooky eyes, I would not cross a pelican you would be asking for trouble.

Beware the pelican

Once clean and all set up it was time to try the new rod, a short walk to the jetty and equipped with a squid lure (or jag) plenty of effort was made to catch something to eat. Luckily or was it just foresight we already had a chicken meal prepared, it was needed tonight!

There were some other people doing the same and between then they got around 10 squid. The 11’th one was being brought in across the surface and there was a huge black shape appeared and took the squid’s body leaving only it’s head attached to the lure. It was an Australian Sea Lion, it did bob up a couple of times before vanishing. Once again too fast for the poor cameraman. It was also offered an excellent excuse for not catching anything.

Once the sun dropped it got quite cool fast so we made our way back to the tent, had our freshly caught chicken meal and some consolation biscuits.

As thoughts drifted to the huge quantity of fish waiting to be caught the day was done.

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