Another day in Streaky Bay Day 75 Tuesday 19th June 2018

As we are still waiting confirmation of the delivery to Port Kenny it was a very delayed decision on what to do today, an early morning phone call to the post office to confirm no rod delivery yet. Based on this we paid for another night at the campground and went off to shop for today’s food.

Hotel in Streaky Bay, Tuesday night is steak night, highly recommended

A better view of the pier (jetty) complete with swimming cage

It was very windy indeed, up to 45 km/h Northerly and dare I say it, it felt cold today for the first time. When we came back it was sitting down time in the very nice eating area next to the camp kitchen. Just to check what time they will get their delivery from Port Lincoln tomorrow we contacted the post office again only this time they confirmed they already had it there! So tomorrow we cycle to collect this and then on to Venus Bay.

That is a lot of Galahs

We sat a while playing some card games with Pat and George, of course having some food and a little drink as well until after dark when it was time to retire to the tent, as it is an early start tomorrow.

The wind was that strong the gull wanted to come and play cards with us (and would probably have beaten Janet)

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