Streaky Bay here we come Day 74 Monday 18th June 2018

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when we got up today, when packed Pat and George offered to take our bags to Streaky Bay in their caravan, needless to say before you could say bacon sandwich they were off the bikes and in their caravan.

The bikes now felt so much more nimble and agile without any extra weight, this is obviously the way to do bike touring, use a support vehicle.

For the first 20 km the wind hindered our progress then the road swung around heading South, now the wind helped us so our pace picked up, we waved to Pat and George as they passed us.

Travelling through farmland, I am reminded of Cornwall, with the closeness of the sea, fields often full of rocks, undulating roads, then the illusion shatters as a parakeet flies last.

As we near Streaky Bay, there is an impressive set of sand dunes and some nice views out across the bay.

Sand dunes

The town is on the distant shore

Streaky Bay is a nice compact town, two supermarkets, a secondary school and numerous other shops. As we paused in the centre of town, a text came from Pat she had already sorted out camping site. We would share theirs and save money plus get to stop in the nicer end of the caravan park.

Shared site

Our tent pitched next to their caravan we walked into town to pick up a little shopping after which we took a short stroll to the pier where Pat and George had failed again to catch a squid.

Squidless pier

A short while later we all head into town for the $15 Monday steak special at the hotel which was lovely, after a couple (or more!) drinks only a little staggering took us back to the tent and sleep.

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