Smoky Bay Day 72 Saturday 16th June 2018

A nice easy relaxed start today, everything dry and only a short day to do.

From Ceduna there is only one road heading all the way to Port Lincoln, the Flinders Highway and we would be spending a lot of our cycling time on it. So we took to opportunity to spend 20 km on the Decres Bay Road before joining the highway.

The gravel part of the Decres Bay Road

The Decres Bay Road is sealed for 5 km then gravel for 15 km, but this had also been recently graded so easy riding. We passed three nice bays Wittlebee, Decres and the final one before we went back on to tarmac Laura bay (hi Laura). There was a small section of the road which was being regravelled and had very soft surfaces bringing memories of the Munda Biddi!

One for Laura

Once on the highway it was the usual long undulating road, hardly any traffic, any vehicles we did see were caravans. The road heads South East until Port Lincoln and we picked up a headwind today but at 42 km it did not seem a struggle.

All the bays seem to be named after pork based products

Arriving at Smoky Bay, a 2.5 km detour to the sea, we went straight to the caravan park where costing $28 for the night, again a lovely site immaculately kept, great camp kitchen.

We started to talk to another couple Peter and Kerith who invited us to sit a while and made us tea and coffee (even a biscuit!). They had cycled a lot and travelled extensively so had a great many stories.

Once the tent was up and we were rested, we invited ourselves to accompany Kerith to the pier to try our hand at catching squid, needless to say it was a fishing fail. Hooray for mince meat stew made yesterday that is all we have to say. Next to the pier was a swimming cage, this is where in the summer you can swim (yes a shock I know) safe from any sharks, this part of the coast has a lot of Great White sharks.

A view back to the caravan park from the pier

Pelicans and cormorants resting on the top of the swimming cage

By this time Pat and George had lit the camp fire in the kitchen area so we all sat round ate, drank (Janet got a nice goblet to drink wine from), talked and kept warm, only going when the wood ran out!

Sorry about the quality, alcohol based photography never works

Everyone loves a rusty truck

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