A day off in Ceduna Day 71 Friday 15th June 2018

Today it felt strange not to be packing up and moving on, but a nice strange. Janet was so relaxed she had difficulty getting up. After failing to make any breakfast, due to what can only be described as porridgegate, Sue (who has a caravan here) kindly gave us some muesli and yoghurt for breakfast.

Three stooges or cormorants you decide which on the pier

Then it was a stroll up into town where we bumped into two more cyclists about to cross the Nullarbor towards Perth, we gave them many sage words of advice before they set off to the supermarket to purchase several tonnes of pasta and other such food for their trip.

Ready for the Nullarbor

After a potter around town and another shop we returned to our campsite and relaxed a while, made a nice stew, ate cake, checked our banks and other mundane things. After this a short stroll to the pier where we sat a while (hope you are noticing a trend here). A final online purchase frenzy of service parts for our bicycles (the munda biddi seemed to destroy our drive train) and a fishing rod as there will be plenty of places to fish now we will be cycling the coast road. If you set up an account you can have mail sent to post offices here, as long as it includes your personal account number you even get a text when it arrives, they do only hold it for 10 days though.

The pier

Janet on the pier

More food, more sitting down, more relaxing.

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