80km East of Eucla Day 63 Thursday 7th June 2018

During the night the winds lost a little of their strength but it continued to rain on and off until the early hours.

As we would be wild camping for at least 2 nights we took all the water we could, around 20 litres, and wobbled our way on to the road again. It was lovely to be assisted by the wind for a change and actually saw speeds in excess of 20 km/h.

From Eucla it is a mere 12 km to Border Town, this is a “town” on the border (bet that shocked you) between Western Australia and South Australia. Note how the normal definition of a town is different from this “town” in fact there is nothing here except a roadhouse.

The border checkpoint

At the border if you are travelling West to Perth then you are fully checked for any fruit, vegetables or honey which is confiscated, the East checkpoint is in Ceduna. I did ask if any of the confiscated items could be taken by a poor cyclist but no not possible they must be destroyed.

It’s the South!

On the next section of road into South Australia we nearly had an Emu / Cycle collision as we startled one and it ran straight across the road around 1 m in front of me!

On South Australia’s highway there is not enough room for a pair of vehicles and a bicycle to all pass together so we have to watch out for this and move on to verge for safety, thankfully the road is not very busy and it does not happen that often it becomes a problem. In fact it is a good excuse to rest and have a drink of water.

We saw yet another new sign, Camels, Kangaroos and Wombats we would like to see a wombat.

Camels, Wombats and Kangaroos

The highway now follows the coast closely giving some nice lookout places to view the cliffs and beaches. It was at one of these we managed to get some honey, apples and oranges from someone travelling west very nice.

View from the first lookout

The miles passed quickly with the wind assistance, our initial stopping point proved to be a little to dramatic for us, right on a crumbling cliff top, we gave this a miss and moved on to a truck stop where we camped around 50 m back from the road. Still only 50 m from the cliff but nice and friendly, a nice spot.

A crumbling cliff top!

Our tent is in the middle

We cooked our usual pasta meal but had a few fresh vegetables from this morning.

And of course another road, no post is complete without one

A camper van also pulled up later and we got talking to Dirk and Lena who gave us tea and coffee, then proceeded to give us a fresh vegetable soup and spiced fried chicken pieces and a beer! Very unexpected and very lovely indeed, thank you both for your kindness (two meal night it must be our lucky day). Dirk and Lena are on their way to Brisbane over the next few weeks before flying to Bali.

Around 7.00 pm we said goodnight and will see them before we leave tomorrow.

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