44 km West of the Nullarbor Roadhouse Day 64 Friday 8th June 2018

Oversleeping a little meant a very late start for us today, but eventually we were packed and ready to go. A farewell and thanks to Dirk and Lena who were having their fried breakfast (no jealousy there at all!).

This is how all Australians dress now, well Dirk anyway, Lena is more sensible

It was a very short 5 km to the second lookout point, not the best views but still very nice. As a bonus when we got talking to some caravanners travelling west they gave us 2 lots of honey and some bread, we can look very needy and hungry when we want to.

Bunda Cliffs

The road stretched out in a long straight with a slight bend then another long straight with a slight bend then … well you get the picture. It was very flat today compared to yesterday’s slight rises and falls. The wind had vanished altogether (Janet is used to eating lentils now!) not even a bush stirred no help or hinderance from it today.

At marker post 111, in South Australia every km is marked by a post and number from the border with West Australia, so 111 km from the border the final lookout is located. This one is the most spectacular giving fabulous views of the Bunda Cliffs. As an extra bonus bonus we got grapefruit and avocado from a kind caravanner.

More Bunda Cliffs

The road was very quiet, we have no idea what happens to the road trains, in Western Australia there were quite a few passing us, but here not so many. Where do they all go to? There is only one road with no turnoff, all very spooky!

By now the earlier clouds had gone and it finished a sunny day. So we pulled into a parking area and again camped off the back, yet another nice spot.

Once again this brought the day to a close.

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