Madura Roadhouse Day 59 Sunday June 3rd 2018

Our chosen camp spot turned out to be very nice indeed, quiet and relaxing. A very good nights sleep was had by all. Our early rise, before dawn (she always likes a lie in) where everything was still dew covered. The trees were actually dripping with water and yes the tent was soaked without it even raining.

Mist and dew and scenery

Lots of spiders and their webs

Our milk purchase from Cocklebiddy Roadhouse meant a lovely porridge and a full milk coffee with a little left over nutella, nice.

Once on the Eyre Highway the dewey start combined with the spiders webs and the low early morning light made an impressive sight. It did beg the question why are there so many flies? You cannot imagine many surviving with that many spiders, then we rode past the first kangaroo carcass with exactly one billion flies on it and suddenly you can.

It was a gentle breeze, still in our faces but half the strength of yesterday, still not easy cycling as you have to pedal all the time, no coasting.

There were a lot of kangaroos actually alive on the road and crossing the road at this time in the morning, we did look away every time a road train passed, no deaths were witnessed.

The trees and bushes continued each side, if anything they looked greener and grew with more vigour than those we passed yesterday. In fact as we got closer to Madura Roadhouse we passed a puddle! it must have rained here last night. This did see the verges green up considerably.

Almost green verges

Eventually we got to the 2 km to the roadhouse sign and the road fell away dropping 30+ m, creating a magnificent view out across the Roe Plains. Actually coasting right down to Madura Roadhouse was an almost novel experience.

The Roe Plains

More Roe Plains

Here it was $15 to camp including showers and access to all the water we wanted, what was not to like about the place? Well the continuous running of the main generator was a little noise but not too intrusive for us (but that was probably more to do with tiredness than anything).

Again it was hamburger lot time, this one included chips for $14.50, plus as a treat a beer and a glass of wine, all a very civilised end to the day. We waddled back to the tent where it was a read and a sleep, nighty night.

2 thoughts on “Madura Roadhouse Day 59 Sunday June 3rd 2018

  1. Love the fact that I read about the day I’m living the day after you’ve been through it! And yes…Dawn would really appreciate that lie in – fabulous photos… hope you and Janet are both well


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