Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and kangaroo killing zone Day 58 June 2nd 2018

Our usual time to leave has now become 8.45 am, so we left at 8.45 am.

Janet leading the way

Once out on the bitumen again there was no real change from yesterdays road or the day before now I think about it. The road itself was actually wet as though it had been raining, this is the frequent very heavy dew as water condenses on the road.

This was the cause of the kangaroo carnage we were to cycle past all today. They come down to the road at dawn to drink and the Road Trains have no mercy.

One of many

If you were a fan of Skippy The Bush Kangaroo back in it’s day then you would be traumatised, there were dozens and dozens of them all along the road is various states of decay. The many crows seemed not to mind it though!

Humour at the roadhouse

The cycling itself was a lot tougher today as we picked up a headwind which slowed progress right down. Still plodding along we make it to the Cocklebiddy Roadhouse where we showered ($4 each) did laundry ($7) and ate another hamburger plus chips and cold drinks ($49). Feeling very full it was a short wobble further on to the “up the track behind the parking bay” type of camp spot. This one is very nice again at 17 km east of the roadhouse.

Janet enjoys a light snack

On the way we passed the access road to the Eyre Observatory, a very remote haven for ornithologists (at $90 A night).

Then as usual over here it is dark by 5.00 pm and it is relaxing time before sleep.

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