The road takes a bend at Caiguna Roadhouse Day 57 Friday 1st June 2018

When we arrived at the rest stop it was deserted apart from the crows, leaving this morning there were around 10 caravanners here, a fairly popular stopping point.

Once again on to the Eyre Highway and it’s straight long road, it was still going on and on. Without any wind as yet, you guessed it, mucho rapido cyclo was done. There was a change in scenery for a while, with an almost savannah looking grassland where you felt a herd of giraffes would not look out of place.

All looking quite empty now

Still cannot resist a picture of a long road, add it to your collection

At almost 66 km we had a quick look at the Caiguna Blowhole, a not very inspiring cave entrance. The Nullarbor has many huge cave systems underneath it’s dry surface, some of them incredible.

Janet before she was pushed

Here the record road ended with the bend next to the roadhouse. Janet had brought a pebble from the other end to put in the pile at this end, unfortunately disappointment set it when we saw there were no stone piles this end, all that effort wasted.

There are a lot of pretty things here

An Australian cyclist overtook us here, he did 100 km a day then stopped, so he grabbed some food and would be leaving after a break.

We badly need to do laundry and shower but unless you camp here you cannot use their laundry, and showers were $5 each. We skipped both and will try Cocklebiddy tomorrow.

Everyone loves a humerous sign

Then it as food time and we had the hamburger lot, this was a very nice burger with egg, bacon and cheese along with a couple of drinks costing $39. We chatted to another couple as we chomped through our burgers.

It was still only 1.00 pm so we continued on the road again, cycling another 20 km, passing into another time zone, 45 minutes ahead, what a peculiar difference to have.

Strange what does this achieve?

Our chosen tent spot was along a track off the back of a parking area east of Caiguna, it is very nice sheltered behind bushes.

A happy looking tent

We sat a while and watched a sunset then retired for the night.

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