Balladonia, Skylab and 90 miles of straight, Day 55 Wednesday 30th May 2018

Not a rushed start today, but we did manage to chat a while with other campers including getting our water topped up which was nice.

Onto the Eyre Highway again and it was only 6 km before we stopped as another cyclist came the other way, the first one since leaving Albany. It was Culleen she had started in Melbourne and will finish in Perth after doing the Munda Biddi, it is a strange world and frighteningly small sometimes she stopped with Bev and Dorothy who we met in Jerramungup. After a while exchanging stories and useful information we went our separate ways.

Culleen and Janet

Culleen has a blog please check it out

28 km into our day the first roadhouse of our trip arrived. Balladonia, it’s claim to fame was a piece of Skylab fell nearby, please look this very important part of the space race up if you do not know about it already.

Not original bit of Skylab

It you are cycling past here there is no water available you must buy it at $5 for 2 litres, snack type food was $6 – $7 per item, but cooked food was much better value, we had a big sausage roll for $6.

On from there the road began to flattern, losing the ups and downs of previous, the size and number of trees reduced dramatically, generally more tall bushes than trees.

Road trees, trees road

The road itself remained fairly quiet, more lorries and road trains today plus a few wide loads (excluding Janet of course). We saw our first road landing strip for the flying doctor service.

Road or landing strip?

We then passed a broken down caravan, wheel bearing failure, it is going to be a while to sort that all the way out here, again they did give us water but turned down our offer to give then a lift!

Then it was here the world’s longest straight road at 90 miles. It will take us over a day to cycle along it, a lot of straightness indeed.

The sign says it all

Very shortly after the beginning there was a huge bird eating some roadkill, poor kangaroo, it flew off as we got closer. This was the Wedge Tailed Eagle, I apologise to all ornithologists out there as the previously identified birds in earlier posts we not in fact these eagles they were too small.

The red mess is poor kangaroo, the crow is actually a large bird, the eagle is a huge bird

A little further and Woorlba Rest Area came into view and at 77 km was time to stop, not the loveliest of places but functional and does have a toilet. After a quick search we found an ok spot for the tent, then that was it, food done, pasta just for a change! lights out and sleep.

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