Into the bush again at Harms Lake Rest Area Day 54 Tuesday 29th May 2018

No rush to start today as the target is 60 km, easy day! Even so 8.30 am and we were cycling along the Eyre Highway.

Making sure we had plenty of water a total 21 litres between us, ouch a big weight penalty.

Highest point on the Eyre Highway

There was a short uphill as we left Fraser Range, this saw us hit a heady height of 445 m above sea level, the highest point on the crossing. No it does not mean it is all downhill from here!

Managed to get a bird of prey, unsure what it is though

It continued much as yesterday rolling gentle ups followed by gentle downs one after the other.

After around 40 km we turned off to Newman Rocks, a slight detour (1 km down a track) for our lunch stop. As we reached the end a lovely couple Tony and Jude beckoned us over asking if we wanted tea or coffee as the water had just boiled. We sat a while chatting enjoying a nice cuppa, they even supplied he chairs to sit on. We also topped up our water bottles from their water tank all these caravans and 4 wheel drives carry.

Tony and Jude enter the dustiest caravan competition, as well as supply of tea and coffee

While we sat there a flock of green wild budgerigars were flying around, yes just like he ones we know and love available from all good pet stores, they proved very elusive to photograph despite trying to lure one close with a mirror, bell and cuttlebone.

Newman Rock

At around 63 km we turned into Harms Lake Rest Area, which has a huge flat sandy back to it, ideal for our tent. Lovely and quiet and around 200 m from the road.

Road train and a long road

There are a couple of other caravans here they were not cyclist loving though and just chatted, we will try to get them to give us water in the morning.

Cooking by the camp fire

We then retreated back to our tent area, lit a small camp fire and made our food. Finally chomping on a nice bag of popcorn Kim gave us yesterday, thank you and goodnight.

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