Long ride to Fraser Station Day 54 Monday 28th May 2018

Even though it was tempting to buy even more food, we resisted adding more load, it also meant a normal time start instead of waiting for the supermarket to open.

It did take a little longer to pack everything this morning, a case of how do we fit it all in? A short 500m on the Norseman Road yesterday’s road then we turned onto the Eyre Highway, our new road of choice for the next 1200 km!

Pictures of the animals the road trains will mow down during our trip across the Nullabor

Water, we need more care with it now

Good surface, good shoulder and the wind on our backs assisted in rapidity occurring. With the Great Western Forest continuing for around 200 km we passed large trees, small trees and no trees. There was even a couple of dry lake beds looking very red and Sandy, a long time since they have seen water.

Typical roadside bush

Drivers of caravans coming the opposite way often waved, so I have made a quick reference guide to acknowledging a cyclist.

  1. Miserable with a frown: no form of movement at all
  2. Starting to smile: both hands firmly on the steering wheel but lifts a single finger
  3. Smiling: removes one hand from the steering wheel and raises it but carefully avoids shaking it
  4. Beaming: removes one hand from the steering wheel and gives a full on wave, often the passenger joins in
  5. Loopy: everyone in the vehicle gives a full on wave and a loud honk on their horn

We like number 5 it makes us smile as well.

Lunch break on the Eyre Highway

As our swiftness of motion could only be compared to a speeding bullet we decided to press on to Fraser Range Caravan Park. 105 km total and we were there, probably 20 km than we should have gone as tiredness had set in.

Couldn’t resist another picture of a long road

For $22 you get an unpowered site, access to nice showers ($1 or $2 extra depends on how long you like to shower for) a great camp kitchen. Today however the boat was well and truly pushed out for a $27 lamb meal they serve here at 6.30 pm, we deserved it.

A little bit of care and attention and it would be just fine

We had the fortune to meet Kim who took pity on us sad looking weary cyclist she raided her snack cupboard and donated a selection of crackers and bars to us, these we received gratefully, a big thank you Kim.

All set up and nowhere to go

Pie night what’s not to like?

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