Norseman on Day 53 Sunday 27th May 2018

Everything, well the tent, was very damp this morning, it just shows how well protected in the forest we were last night from the strong winds, hardly a breath getting through to us.

We had 50 km to cycle today to get to Norseman, the wind had shifted overnight to a more westerly direction meaning the Great Western Forest was in fact great as it sheltered us from the worst of the wind. It was amazing the difference, all of a sudden 15 km/h was no problem, without feeling as though it was a battle every pedal stroke of the way.

Road and rail cross

There is not much else to say really, it was very straight forward nice cycling.

More scrub like vegetation

We did pass what looked like an average speed camera setup, this I can imagine causes drivers more than a little consternation, as we hardly saw anyone at all today so I am not sure why it is needed, maybe an accident blackspot? We saw only a couple of lorries and several caravans.

Norseman arrived quickly, unlike the name of the next town which is quite impressive!

Best name ever!

I expected a wild frontier town, but in actual fact it is a nice town with all the facilities you need, it was founded on the back of gold mining, which still continues today albeit on a smaller scale.

We were here by 11.00 am and it was a good thing as on Sundays the supermarket closes at 12.00 am. So a swift shop and we were well provisioned up for later, crisps, chocolate and biscuits all the essential foodstuffs.

Janet relaxing outside the camp kitchen

The caravan park is very nice, a good camp kitchen, excellent showers even a nice green mat to put your tent on, you can get fed up of camping on sand and constantly trying to avoid it getting over everything.

Tent on a rug, the barbecue area is behind it.

To give you an idea of wind strength talking to a caravanner, the fuel they used yesterday was double normal due to driving into the headwind.

After our chicken barbecue with tomato and vegetables, a piece of chocolate, a packet of biscuits and anything else that was edible, we relaxed with wine and milk (not in the same glass) as the day ended.

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