Esperance and fishing part 2 Wednesday 23rd May 2018 Day 49

Another early start today, another fishing day. This time straight to Salmon Beach again to try our luck. There was quite a swell on today (see how easy the nautical terms are just rolling off the page now) a good day for surfing.

A fine fish ready to be eaten

This time I had success, a very nice 6 to 7 lb (3 kgs) Australia Salmon, it did fight well but to no avail it will be our tea tonight. After a few more casts we called it a day (or an early morning anyway). I will be buying a rod and reel, compact bike sized though, when we reach the east coast to hopefully supplement our food with fresh fish.

On our return it was off shopping, where anything that is not really available in the smaller town grocery store was purchased in preparation for our Nullabor crossing.

Sunrise in Esperance

The salmon was gutted and filleted, then it was made into smaller breaded fillets and some fish cakes by Maureen and we all enjoyed a nice meal together. It was yet another delightful meal, combined with a little beer and wine.

Another great day and tomorrow we start cycling again.

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