Day 45 Saturday 19th May 2018 Goodbye Munglinup

A nice early start 7.30 am best get up yet, even with a very wet tent. The campground sits in a hollow and collected all the colder damp air and held on to it as did our tent.

Fitting message to start the day

The first 4 km was a backtrack to the Springdale Road, this did not take too long then it was onto sealed surfaces. At 10 km the junction with Fuss Road arrived then it was tough choice of the day, stop on the tarmac and cycle 4 km further or back on a gravel track for a shorter distance. One second later our dilemma was over and it was the longer route.

More of those long road photographs, you can never get enough of them

At 24 km the old favourite Highway 1 arrived, up until then we had not seen a single person since leaving the campground.

In fact the highway was a busy road with road trains on, in reality, it was like a very quiet A road back home so not bad at all.

Lunch stop at Stokes Inlet

On the way there was a large cleared field where the tree stumps had been piled up and burnt, here we spotted our first Dingo, as is usual the cameraman failed to photograph anything remotely resembling a Dingo.

Again making good time the km ticked away just like the approaching bombshell of the closed campground, where we were going to stop at Paradise Farmstay was gone! We later found out the owner has gone on holiday for 2 months and closed it.

Our lovely campsite next to the road

This left us without anywhere to stop, after a long day of 92 km so far and 3.15 pm (remember it is dark by 5.30 pm). With no alternative other than to continue we continued. At 100 km a secluded spot behind trees appeared, that was it, straight in, tent up and macaroni cheese cooking and settling down to a well earned sleep.

It was now around 25 km from Esperance.

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