Day 40 Into Ravensthorpe Monday 14th May 2018

Or South Coast Highway day 2, leaving the Fitzgerald School area it was straight on the highway 1. We were fully expecting busy busy busy with large trucks and other commercial traffic but how wrong we were it was almost as quite as Sunday which of course made it very nice to cycle along.


A random thing at the roadside

The not so good was the very heavy grey looking sky which would rain on us a few times until about midday when it cleared up, it did combine with a change in wind direction, gone went yesterday’s tailwind and hello headwind from the South this time. Despite this we still made good time.

The nature of the bush changed, it became reminiscent of a Scottish heather moor but without the heather and not in Scotland. There were a couple of birds worthy of mentioning, several Kestrels and a much larger Wedge Tailed Eagle were all battling the wind.

Almost moorland but not quite

This is in fact a wedge tailed eagle

Dropping down our first steeper hill we crossed the Phillips River, which of course is just a dry bed at the moment. At the top of the climb back out there was the Kukenarup Monument to the first sheep station in the area. A very peaceful and relaxing place to be, but this hid the harsh truth about the confrontations between native Aborigines and European settlers.

A very restful place

The scenery changed again to open farmland, when the word open is used here it is huge, so big you cannot see all the way across even a single field. All the fields were just stubble from last year’s crop.

Like a normal road sign but the distances are a little larger

Finally we rolled in to Ravensthorpe and down to the campground, $25 it had a nice grass area (well brown plants which I am sure will be grass), a nice cook area, showers that flay skin from you, a laundry (our clothes have gained some kind of sentience they have been worn for so long), a thumbs up from us.

Camp kitchen complete with camper

The usual shopping frenzy took place followed by eating until you burst.

This day is now done, bring on tomorrow.

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