Day 38 A longer ride to Jerramungup Saturday 12th May 2018

Waking early and without any packing to do you would expect us to make an early start but no we still only started normal time.

Our cook spot Borden

We picked up our (well Janet’s left over pizza) from a friendly caravanner who had kept it refrigerated overnight, that’s our lunch sorted.

The original target was Ongerup at a mere 30 km away a very easy day. The views of the Stirling Range were very impressive as is shrunk behind us.

Look how far we have ridden!

The journey took 3 hours with wind hampering our speeds. Once in town we checked out the campground and it looked very poor not somewhere we felt like stopping. At the store in town we picked up some canned meat and apples for today also topping up our water bags just in case we did not make it to Jerramungup we could stay anywhere along the way.

Best sentiment ever

From Ongerup we travelled on a straight road, and I mean dead straight (not that dead is a word to describe straightness). This is a 40 km long straight road, even the wind only blew to our left side.

40 km of this

We actually made good time and completed our 72 km ride arriving in Jerramungup at 2.30 pm. Unfortunately the store in town closes at 12.00 so we had missed this, however the Roadhouse was open for some milk at least.

Camping spot very nice

The campsite is lovely, great showers and a very nice camp kitchen. Here we met Dorothy and Bev, cyclists and warmshowers hosts for Hobart (Tasmania) and Newcastle (North of Sydney) who knows we may well be in touch.

Time spent eating, drinking tea and updating this blog to way past our bedtime!

2 thoughts on “Day 38 A longer ride to Jerramungup Saturday 12th May 2018

  1. Hi Martin I’m enjoying keeping up to date with your adventures. Kept forgetting to check your blog so have “binge read” them all now. It’s lovely and sunny here so reading in the garden has been very pleasant.


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