Day 37 Forward to Borden Friday 11th May 2018

We said a goodbye to Jan, Trevor, Greg and Praline they knew how to make a cyclist feel welcome (beer usually does the trick).

Me, Greg, Trevor, Jan and Praline

The day was a rolling hill day, lots of very gentle ups and lots of very gentle downs, the wind was a problem again, the downs felt like flat!

Some long road

We climbed out of the Stirling Range with increasingly impressive views.

Stirling Range

Road trains filling up

A short 45 km day then we arrived in Borden, a very small town. Asking at the General Store for camping, we were told to just use a hut next to the travellers park, not needing to be told twice this is where we would spend the night.

Our home for the night

The General Store was not really a store but just a local post office that sold tea and coffee, do not expect to get any provisions here.

Post office only

There is however a tavern here so we waited until 6.00 pm ordering what else but a Pizza and a couple of drinks, wham $63 gone in an instant. The pizza was huge and lovely one of the best I have had in a while.

Pizza mecca

We met a couple here who had the alternator fail on their car, and were waiting for one to be shipped out of Perth to Albany the up to us here. The breakdown recovery system here only works for 100 km then is chargeable at $6 a km for any distance after that, very expensive but reasonable considering the size of the country, you can breakdown a long way from anywhere.

The night was quietish, a few youngsters and a loud car disturbing the peace for a while but they must go to bed early around here.

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