Day 36 On to Moingup Springs Thursday 10th May 2018

When we got up today we had the luxury of a shower before we left. Eating our last breakfast with Philip and Donna it felt a little sad. Packing an extra 5 litres of water (just in case we do not make it to Moingup) farewells were said and we were off.

Philip, Donna and Janet

Donna and Philip are two of the kindest people you could ever meet, thank you very much for allowing us to be part of your family for a couple of days.

It was out of Albany on highway 1 for about 8 km, before our turn off who turned up in his car, Philip we (Martin) had forgotten to give him his car key back, sigh such an idiot.

Then it was along the Chester Pass Road all the way. The road itself was steady, no steep ups or downs, just steady or have I mentioned that already?

View of mountains

There was a painful headwind around 6 mph, you start off ok then as the day wears you wear.

After 38 km the road passed through the Porongurup Range, a small area of hills, looking very lovely they were too.

The Kambellup Roadhouse soon came in to view, we have promised ourselves a hot drink here, but it was not to be, the Roadhouse has closed.

Looking back towards the Porongurup Range

As we continued after a long but steady up the Stirling Mountain Range loomed ahead, this has proper mountain (over 1100m high), in fact it can snow here.

Arriving at Moingup Spring Campsite, we found nice spot, set up tent and before we could eat, Greg and Praline next door to us brought over an ice cold beer, perfect. We chatted a while with them and Jan and Trevor from another pitch, lovely hospitality and welcome.

We cooked in the dark.

Sunset over Stirling Range

Today was our first encounter with the Australian Road Train, a huge lorry plus 2 trailers around 37.5 m long. We aim to pull off the road when they pass at 110 km/h. The backdraft caused by them it very impressive and worrying at the same time.

We spotted a kestrel and goshawk.

75 km cycled today and very enjoyable as well.

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