Day 34 A rest day in Albany, Tuesday 8th May 2018

Today we are going to shop a little, we have a list of things we would like to get, the main ones being fuel for the stove, some new water bottles (the old ones are already in a very sorry state) some of the nice things we looked at but instantly dismissed as too expensive (we can make do).

Albany main street

We met another Munda Biddi finisher John on our walk in the town.

This is what you look like when you finish the Munda Biddi

I love to keep maps so the Munda Biddi map set is now been flying back home to it’s final resting place in the map box.

A gentle stroll down to Anzac Park where we sat a while to eat lunch.

Albany at Anzac Park

Then it was back to the car, yes remember the car we now have the use of (thanks again Philip) back to the house where some badly needed bike maintenance occurred. Both bikes are now ready to go on the next stage of the trip.

Donna and Janet did a little shopping for a roast to eat later on tonight.

Mmmmmm food

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