Day 33 Finally we reach Albany, Munda Biddi completed

Eeek Eeek a rodent of some sort savaged our lightweight rucksack it it’s effort to eat one of our apples. Rivet Rivet (no not a dock worker building ships) but a frog coming to see us, frogs good rodent bad.


Morning tea on the beach, almost but not quite warm enough, it looks a lot nicer than yesterday.

Early morning tea on the beach

Looks a lot nicer today

It was along a short track onto Cosy Corner Road, then on to Lower Denmark Road. A short way along this we joined the Torbay Rail Trail, a very nice single track and flat trail running parallel to the road.

Torbay Rail Trail

At Elleker we got to ride on the Lower Denmark Road again, then as Albany neared, a short visit to Robinson Road showed us some very large and expensive looking houses, even the birds here are impressive.

Crane on a post

Then there is a struggle over some steps to cross a rail line, I ask you who puts steps on a cycle track? or who runs a cycle track where there are steps. In fact I feel after all the way we have travelled along excellent tracks well signed to finish on a poor entry to Albany is rather disappointing. It no longer ends at the information centre, this has now moved to the council building area, we cycled up to the information centre and signed the Munda Biddi Trail Book. It is official we did it, 1100 kms in 26 days.

Trail end

A cycle up the hill took us to Philip’s home, nothing is too much trouble for him, a kind generous person we are lucky to be stopping here. We have use of a car should we need it as well.

Tonight we have a lovely stir fry, planning what we will do tomorrow while we eat.

2 thoughts on “Day 33 Finally we reach Albany, Munda Biddi completed

  1. Martin. I’m sure you realised that the days taken to cycle the Munda Biddi Trail is almost exactly the square root of the distance in miles. Such symmetry.
    Enjoying the blog. Keep pedalling and typing when you can!
    Good luck on your next stage. Jon


    • I am glad you spotted the obvious maths connection, I will make sure the next one is more difficult to see. The road stage of the journey starts tomorrow, we are both looking forward to moving on now.


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