Day 32 To Cosy Corner Campground, ahh sounds lovely Sunday 6th May 2018

A fairly leisurely start, a check over the bikes, inflate tyres to road pressures (you run a lower tyre pressure on tracks and loose surfaces). Julie was off to work for 7.00 am (on a Sunday eek!) an early goodbye was said.

Janet and our new favourite barista John

Then Barista John stepped up making coffee from his beans he had dried and ground himself, very nice it was too. He was off then for an early morning swim in Wilson Inlet, so another goodbye and we were just left to pack up.

Today the weather was going to be very windy up to 45 km/hr towards lunchtime and showery with it, we shall see what today brings then.

Fully packed we left Julie and John’s house, but did bump into John cycling back from his swim, a day for lots of goodbyes.

It was 4.5 km back up towards Denmark to join the Nornalup – Denmark Heritage Rail Trail (getting a feeling of deja vue here).

A rail trail looks just like this

This was a nice sheltered start, passing the museum, over the river on which the Denmark Caravan Park sits, it did look a nice place to stay.

A rare picture of the better half of team cycling Australia

Caravan Park is at the end right on the inlet

The trail takes a number of very wide loops away from roads after the Heritage Trail, we stuck to the road all the way, first the South Coast Highway where with the strong wind behind us we literally flew down the road, still no sign of rain.

On to Lower Denmark Road similarly flying continued to occur, making great speed down some very long straights. Here is was just like cattle farmland back home in the UK but with parakeets.

Farmland a random picture

Not far after Krunkup we turn right down Cosy Corner Road, the wind blasting into us from the right, careful riding needed. Still no rain.

Almost at the end of the road was the Cosy Corner Cafe, a welcome pausing point where two coffees later we still sit watching rain encouraged to fly horizontally by the strong wind.

Cosy Corner Cafe looks very inviting and in fact cosy

Even later, 2.00 pm we eventually leave as the rain takes a break and a short distance further on we turn into the Cosy Corner East Campsite.

Nice sheltered camp site

This campsite is free but has a composting toilet as it’s only facility, no not even water is available, but we have brought enough with us. The site is lovely,under sheltering trees and only yards from the white sanded Cosy Corner Beach. In fact as I type this in the tent all that can be heard is the continuous crashing of waves on the seashore, very relaxing.

The beach next to our tent with very leaden skies

Yet another great day to be cycling.

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