Day 27 Into Walpole Tuesday 1st May

It rained on and off all last night but it had cleared up for when we stirred, or heard the first kookaburra whichever comes first. After 4 weeks of packing we are finally getting better at it, ready at 7.50 am how about that!

From the hut we would have quite a long backtrack unless Base Road actually proved to be a road, in fact it was overgrown and would only just qualify as a footpath for the brave, so it was extra miles for us.

Copeland Road

Cycling down (well up in reality) the Copeland Road which does not prove to be too bad at all, even better a surprise tarmac road makes an appearance until Swarbrick Recreation Site where once more we follow some tracks.

Tarmac galore

The tracks are often sandy, even a couple of short pushes occurred.

Sandy the track

Eventually we near Walpole, and enter along a tarmac footpath through Paperbark Trees, fantastic brackish water trees, very surreal.


hen it is straight for the supermarket, where once again we bump into Sarah sporting a very fine haircut indeed, she had two rest days here, we see her later on the campsite.

Now gouged $63 for our shop but fully stocked for a meal tonight and the next two days in huts.

Another 4 km and we paid out $34 for the camping, then it was showers all round removing 5 days of grime (and a month of beard in my case) and the laundry done as well, lovely to fell clean again.

Sausage, egg and beans tonight and mighty fine it was as well.

A short walk saw us at a beach on the inlet, Walpole is not actually on the sea, we will have to wait until Denmark (town not country, sigh) before proper sea.

Sea water but not yet the ocean

The site had WiFi so here I am typing and uploading it all for you, enjoy and goodnight.

Including a bag of crisps

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