Day 26 Monday 30th April 2018

We were probably our most organises this morning, just like a well oiled machine. Done and out for 8.00 am. Back on to Beardmore Road where there is a sign pointing up Pitcher Plant Road which we ignore following the one pointing up the road. Joining the track a couple of miles later, it was another meadow we cycled across, then back on to tracks. There were some switchbacks (for all non mountain bikers these are hairpin bends (for all non drivers these are very sharp bends (for all PE teachers do not worry about it))).

Nice road

Continuing towards Mount Frankland, where a very steep extra section, 5.5 km each way you can get to the top. Needless to say even though Janet begged to cycle more uphill common sense prevailed and we ignored it and rode on.

Here the controlled burns reveal the true size of the trees, the bases usually hidden in undergrowth.

More open forest

Janet stood in the cave like burnt out base of one tree, it gets like this as termites love to make a home in the base of Karra Trees the when the controlled burn happens, the termite hill is destroyed leaving a huge hole in the base of the tree.

A large termite survives the burning

The Kwokralup Beela Camp hut is soon here and we are the only ones here tonight. It is a short walk to the River Beela, once again use your imagination when it has rained and it looks impressive.

Imagination time again, think rushing river

As I type this it begins to rain as we lose the light, all is well. Walpole tomorrow and a wash!

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