Day 25 Sunday 29th April 2018

Having carefully studied the map, only a 20 km day for us. There is a Department of Parks and Wildlife campground at Fernhook Falls looking very near and inviting.

Once again goodbye Sarah, she was off first, then us leaving Mark and Karl to a very leisurely start, later we found out that Karl had a bent chain link they had to replace before starting out.

The road was pebble and rock strewn, not difficult to ride on just uncomfortable. It did give was to a lovely meadow, meadow being the best way I can describe it. It did make a nice change from forest forest forest.

Look no forest

A type of bottlebrush, that is a flower by the way

More track

Arriving on the Beardmore Road, only 1.2 km onto the campground, you left money in an envelope $16 for us for that we got a basic shed with a bunk bed in. Remember there is no running water and no electricity here.

Our bunk for the night

A short walk to the river took its toll, it hit 30 degrees time to just sit down and do nothing.

Janet debating the plunge in! Or was she pushed?

The raging torrent that is Fernhook Falls, use imagination here

The river is a raging torrent with a beautiful waterfall in the spring after a winter of rain but in the autumn after a summer of no rain, well!

There is a deep pool which you can swim in, Janet thought about it for 1 second, dismissing the idea as stupid.

In he meantime 3 others had arrived on site, 2 families and Kerry, he was retired and just beginning to do a 2 year tour of Australia from the back of his van. The van had a fridge and the fridge contained beer which he generously shared with us, thank you.

Cheers Kerry

We sat and watched 3 comical kookaburras fight amongst themselves while chatting a while.

Tonight is a full moon, and it was so bright even in the early hours it was still like twilight.

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