Day 20 Sealed roads to Manjimup Tuesday 24th April 2018

No dampness on our tent this morning, even getting up at the first kookaburra, link to the sound, yes they are that loud, you did turn up the volume didn’t you?

Off we go, tarmac all the way today, albeit a long day. Not far out of town we turned onto the Vasse Highway and a little further on turned on to the Graphite Road. As you see from the name the Graphite Road is named after a pencil, but no in fact it was the main road link for transportation of the newly discovered graphite.

Janet not actually cycling but just balancing without moving

This is our route for the rest of today. It does prove to be up down up down up down, eventually arriving in Manjimup mid afternoon after 60 km of cycling and some 800 m of climbing. Our longest day yet and not a pushed bike in sight.

See picture

Blue tail bird

Camping at the caravan park in the town centre we were relieved of $35 the most expensive site yet and disappointingly not very good at all, it was ok just not up to the standard of others we have stopped on, it is a KUI site who are a big chain of sites in Australia.

You have to love this bridge construction

With the shopping today some wine and beer seem to have made an appearance, only one thing for it drink, it would be rude not to. Emu beer and Carlton beer both very average.

Yet another clothes wash, now so clean we squeak.

After oiling our joints a well deserved rest.

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