Day 19 A sprint to Nannup Monday 23rd April 2018

There were a couple more very heavy downpours during the night but the morning came all wide eyed and clear. Our usual exit time saw use leave before the family but we have every confidence of being passed by them soon. We were straight on to a railway track, luckily the sleepers and rails had been removed allowing rapid (3rd time using this word don’t worry though we will surely struggle soon).

With sleepers

Without sleepers

The rail gradients of around 2.5% make even the hills no struggle at all. A question then if I ride 20 km at a speed of 10 miles per hour all downhill, how much do I descend?

There are still a few smaĺl sections of original rail in place along with some impressive timber bridges.

Old timber bridge

Not wanting to overuse rapid, we made swift progress, with no sign of the team youth we crossed a bridge into Nannup. This bridge spanned a very murky green river, but pool is a better description it is waiting a lot of rain to transform this ugly ducking into a swan. Speaking of rain, the “Flood Tree” has the previous years flood levels on, the height in 1910 is truly impressive.

Look at 1910!

Notice where the river is now look at the picture above for 1910

The caravan park cost $28 and was just on the edge of town, it has the usual facilities.


After use of said usual facilities we walked into town to buy an excessive amount of food as usual. We did get a little distracted and succumbed to a homemade steak pie which despite the enormous cost tasted lovely.

Eating pie!

On our menu tonight is fried bacon with cheese, salad and a fresh loaf of bread.

That was the day that was.

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