Day 18 Jarrahwood a break from cycling part 2

As forecasted it rained very heavily last night and continued on and off all day before finally clearing up around 3.00 pm, only a very strong wind remaining. However we sat very smugly in our shelter looking out at the stair rods dropping from above.

Proper rain

Mark came over to say goodday (say it like you were Paul Hogan) 20 mm of rain fell last night, which coincidentally is the same height a man according to year 11 students.

We also learnt a little about trees, so we will be having daily tree information slot, Starting with the Jarrah tree, a very slow growing massive tree which was the only source of income in this area (the hint being the town’s name), a lot of this lumber was exported via Rockingham a small costal port (as most ports are), much of it going to make railway sleepers.

Jarrah Tree Bark

A little bike maintenance was also carried out, my left pedal (similar to my left foot although not yet a blockbuster film) jettisoned its dust cap so I have a nice grinding paste rather than grease assisting its smooth working. However gaffa tape has effected a temporary repair although I feel new pedals will be needed before we strike out in earnest on the roads.

A family arrived to stop tonight, 3 of them cycling the trail one driving as a support vehicle, if anyone wants to follow us in a support vehicle let me know (no it has to be at your cost before you ask).

The sun is making a welcomed appearance to finish the day, hooray.

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