Day 16 Jarrahwood is in sight, Friday 20th April 2018

It rained on and off all last night so our tent was very wet, luckily we were in no rush to start today so spent a little time in the early morning sun wiping and drying the tent off, not really dry just a little moist. Today would not see anymore rain at all in fact a very pleasant 22 degrees and sunny.

Kookaburra I think


After returning the shower block key to the BP garage who run the site we headed out of Donnybrook on Goodwood Road, a rapid 10 miles of cycling. Remember rapid for us is not similar to rapid for Sir Chirs Hoy.

Easy riding track

The track really started as we turned down Vernon Road, this has some of the most impressive washboarding I have ever seen, it was great to get off this and onto a side track.

The next part of the route followed Lidel Road was a mixture of lovely easy track and unridable (think a sandy beach) so we push through a number of shortish sections.

Not so good track

The last 7 miles was a mixture of good (nice track) bad (sand track) and ugly (cycling shorts after 4 days riding).

Rolling into the town of Jarrahwood population around 30, at one time a very large town of 300+ with full facilities but now does not even have a shop.

The Jarrahwood Camphut


The Nala Mia Camp Hut is the same as all the others we have stopped in, except it is next to the town (small collection of houses). We are the only ones here today, and will be stopping for 2 days. This is a break from cycling and that severe thunder storms are predicted over the next two days, and who likes to cycle in torrential rain?

As we sat watching the sun drop into the horizon we saw our first bat (but do not mention the cricket), along with a pair of Kangaroos. Then it was dark and we saw nothing officer.

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