Day 9 Friday 13th eeek!

We left Dandalup a little earlier than usual (8.00 am) and around a mile of track and gravel saw us onto the Scarp Road again (remember road = wider track) but lo and behold it did actually change to a normal road and we fairly whizzed along to the Del Park Road.

A road

Today’s plan was to avoid tracks at all costs! stopping on the Del Park Road until Dwellingup where we would stay tonight.

This is a road

The plan was working, a nice road ride, passing a very very long ore conveyer belt part of the Alcoa Bauxite mine (for those of you who do not know what bauxite is, looks towards the PE teachers, one word aluminium).

A long long conveyer

We were so fast, shocking to use that word to describe our cycling, Dewllingup was here. Visiting the very nice tourist centre, we went to the local campsite costing $30 but as we had not washed any of our clothes for a while now so access to a laundry is essential and you have to camp there to use it.

The site was almost empty, but it is full tomorrow (Saturday night) as the schools have just broken up for 2 weeks. Everywhere will be a little busier for a while.

A random but you wouldn’t want a bite from

Picking up 4 days worth of food for our next sojourn along the trail we were all set.

A kind family across the site invited us to join them around their campfire forcing us to drink beer and wine, so we stopped up a little later chatting, not too late though.

This was the first use of our new lightweight 2 person tent, it went up easily and we managed to fit everything in, a little more (no a lot more) cramped than the one we used last time. Also the tarpaulin made it’s first appearance this worked well, more use later on where we have less tree cover.

The tent ta da

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