Day 12 Monday 16th April 2018

There was a good breeze all night so the tent was all nice and dry so it was an easy pack up but not fast, so 8.00 am again. The shop was open on the site so we left clutching a loaf of bread, or more accurately packing a loaf of bread into our panniers.

Road (beginning to all look the same eh?)

Starting off on the Logue Brook Dam Road then Clarke Road we made good time, the cycling easy. A right turn put us back on the track, riding through lovely forest, here you can really see the difference between the controlled burn forest and the normal forest, so much more lush growth.

More than a forest, an unburnt forest

Following a couple more roads gave easy riding, in fact there was real tarmac for about 2 miles in the middle of nowhere, there was no reason that we could see for it to be there. Here we passed some lovely eucalyptus forest with clean pristine freshly shed bark.

Eucalyptus trees, only young ones here

A short piece of track, where we found an rather large ant’s nest, on to Myles Road. Great we thought until at a road closed gate we stopped and had to follow the pylon service road (yes the large 330000v type) which happened to be there. The highlight of the service road was a caterpillar train crossing (although the curled up one is probably the one I ran over by accident).

Guess which one was run over (in case you are just looking at the pictures)

A while later we joined Myles Road for just a short visit (no-one likes Myles) before we turned off to the Camping Hut Yarri, this was right on the track, by right on read the track goes through it. Again we expected no-one else but 5 others arrived (one had covered 140 km today, and 150 km the day before!), a brief chat about camping in Collie proved useful, all set for tomorrow.

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