Day 11 Sunday 15th April 2018

Packed and gone by 8.00 am. Extra: I forgot to include on yesterday’s post that last last evening a school group arrived at the hut, sigh I thought I had got away from them. They were all nice though.

A busy hut

Then it was straight onto the lovely track we rode on for much of yesterday, then we experienced the D word, detour. Alcoa have decided to dig next to the track as a result there is a diversion. It started as a horrible push up a steep slope to get to a road (track) which we kept on until yet another diversion this time adding around 2 miles extra the track was easy to ride on though.


We were now on the Munda Biddi original track and it again proved to be difficult cycling, eventually changing to almost complete sand which we could not ride on so once again got out our best pushing shoes and pushed.

Deep in the bush stirs an unknown to science species (this is actually the track)

Arriving at Lake Brockman we chose the track route around to the campground, Lake Brockman Campground cost $30 and had hot showers and a cooking area.

Lake Brockman Campground and a tent

We did partake in an icecream, nice, from the site shop. Then had a beautiful sunset (the picture does not do it justice) followed by darkness and the day was gone.

Sorry not a good picture, use you imagination

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