Day 8 Thursday 12th April 2018

Had a nice breakfast, packed up and headed back to the Post Office to return the key to the hostel. Then it was a zig zag along roads to get out of Jarrahdale, it is only a very small town so it was a single zig and probably half a zag.

Getting ready to leave the hostel

Then we were on the track again, off to our right was the still smoking remains (still some flames to be seen as well) of a controlled burn.

The controlled burns are regularly carried throughout the area to reduce the risk of a major fire breaking out. A local fire truck came up the track stopping where needed to damp down any enthusiastic flames.

Controlled burn

It was now raining and we donned our waterproof jackets for the first time this trip. The track was hard going, any flat or incline meant pushing the ground was that soft, if it was only a slight downhill pushing was often still needed. We arrive at Scarp Road, by road I mean just a wider track.

A road!

We stopped on this for quite a long time eventually meeting the Kingsbury Drive, in all that time we only saw one other person, a very quiet cycle ride today. A short burst of tarmac then we rejoined Scarp Road and it’s tracklike nature.

Which way now?

It is uphill it must be this way

This general trend continued tarmac then track then more track, at a road junction there was a nice water tank cunningly labelled for anyone unsure how liquids sit in a container.

Well labelled just in case

We crossed the Dandalup Dam a very impressive thing, the first open water we have seen for a while, it was accompanied by some impressive views out towards the coast and the Indian Ocean.

To prove we were there


Water a rare sight

Looking down from the dam we could see a huge picnic area and swimming hole now completely deserted. I would say it is packed full in the summer.

Empty swimming complex

We have still not seen anyone else apart from the fire truck and one person from earlier everywhere was peaceful as we made the final push for Dandalup Camping Area, and it was an actual push, more of that porridge gravel.

There was nobody else here at the Camping Hut so we settle in only to have a scrambler rider to set out in the valley below us, of course no concept of what a silencer actually does, in fact it is an unnecessary item to have on your motorcycle. Fortunately they made their way off and all was quiet again.

Hut complete with washing

View from the hut

After a lovely tea, lovely as in those are a nice pair of socks you have given me for my birthday, we settled in to watch the sun drop below the horizon, there are some nice views from this site, only to be thwarted by the passing cloud, tomorrow maybe.

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