Day 7 Jarrahdale here we come

It felt like another cold night well, because it was a cold night. Those open shelters do not hold any warmth. Quickly dressing and a warm cuppa later we were off. We said goodbye to Pete and Bec then cycled out into the forest.

We only did an easy 1 mile on a track then got to the Jarrehdale Road where our alternative route selection took over and we followed this undulating lovely tarmac right into Jarrehdale, where else?

Almost there

The first thing we see is the Jarrehdale General Store where we stopped for a coffee, we were a little concerned at the lack of food to purchase in the general store until we were assured that the Post Office down the road had a good stock of supplies.

As it says

On we went, but do not get the idea that there are any more shops in town there are only two. At the Post Office we purchased what else but sausages and chips which having eaten them I confirm it was a poor choice.

Well provisioned Post Office

Now to find WiFi, off to the skate park as all the cool kids do to get some free WiFi, please switch the word free with the word rubbish. Luckily the postmaster (not sure they are called that here) gave us access to his. Then with a huge effort several phone calls and losing 2 wills to live (only 26 to last the rest of the trip, what is special about 28 then?) We now are the owners of an Australia mobile number.

As I write this on a sunny balcony overlooking a lemon tree and mature woodland, birds flying everywhere I think that a bird book must be purchased so you can be impressed by the writers ornithilogical skill with names.

Pretending to work

Another shop for 2 days food before the next town, a check over the bikes then the day is gone again.

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