Day 6 Tuesday 10th April Mouseageddon!

The title unashamedly exaggerates rather unashamedly, the casualties were a chewed bag (not ours) a part eaten packet of lentils (not ours) a mysteriously disappeared map (not ours) and a holed wash kit (ours), most annoying.

Once we had overcome the psychological horror that a small mammal can wreak, we were packed up and left at 8.30 am.

Read the sign

Nice track

Lots of things you cannot do, I’ll leave you to look up marroning

From the camping hut we continued about 4 miles along the track to the Brookton Highway,

Just in case you were mad, this is not the highway but more track

There we took the view that we would ride off route following the road (track) for a while before rejoining the Munda Biddi again. I am not sure if this was any easier than the track, washboarding and loose gravel abound making cycling difficult. 3 miles of this and we rejoined the Munda Biddi.

A random but beautiful plant

We picked a very steep section of course! Ending up pushing our bikes downhill. Janet has a couple of bruises and scrapes as proof but as yet insufficient injury to deserve sympathy.

Not nice track

We did however see our first flock of Emus, around 10 and they very quickly ran off into the forest. No picture but I have taken one from the internet to give you some idea what they look like.


We continued along the Kinsella Road and on to the final section to the Wungong Camp Site, identical to the last one. This time the bags were made mouse proof before putting away for the night. Just after we set up Pete and Bec arrived on their bicycles but more importantly bringing a bottle of port and a large bar of chocolate which they generously shared. Thank you very nice indeed.

Pete Bec Port Chocolate (but not in order of importance)

This site was very quiet, around 6.00 pm it got dark so a little reading, a little blog writing, a little planning and a little plotting was done before sleep.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 Tuesday 10th April Mouseageddon!

  1. A bottle of port and bar of chocolate seems a somewhat random selection for cyclists to be carrying. Is it some sort of special diet?


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