Day 5 Monday 9th April 2018 Leaving Mundaring Weir

We both had a good night’s sleep, I think at last that the body time and real time are syncing. We were almost keen to get going after a truly sumptuous breakfast of pre soaked oats and dried fruit and of course a cup of tea, although it is a green tea no milk of course.

Nice cyclable track

A short but steep down followed buy a long but steeper up and we were outside the Mundaring Weir Hotel looking for some wifi but it is passworded, oh well. The you guessed it or maybe not we reversed going back to the hostel to pick up the track.

The section from here to The Dell is only 4 miles but took us 2 hours! To say it was difficult track riding would be an understatement, water cut gullies, surfaces with the consistency of porridge, large rocks, fossilized previous cyclists and of course much steepness. Probable distance cycled 2 miles minimum distance pushed 2 miles. It was that time we have come to love, meltdown.

Understatement of the year

Typical forest

Not so cyclable


The meltdown level was significantly lowered by a changed route using more roads and larger tracks. We did return to route for the final 10 km (Australia is metric you know). A longer rest and we were off again, this section far easier cycling without incident. We did get quite wet though as several showers passed over, it was not cold though.

A road

We arrived at Carinyah Camp which is a free open building you just put your sleeping mat in, rainwater tanks (purify or boil the water) and compost toilets. Everything you need really except if you are a glamper of course). This site is only accessible by foot or bike.

The camping hut

The camped in hut

A mad camper

There were 2 others camping here both cycling. A lovely (as in that knitted scarf given by your gran to you on your birthday is lovely) pasta meal later we retired for the night. The key words being night and mouse, they combined to drive the other two cyclists mad, eventually hanging their things from the roof more on this tomorrow.

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