Day 4 Perth to Mundaring Weir

On our way at last, we spent time packing our things making sure we knew which bag had what, and balanced the weight between them anything light in Janet’s bag and heavy things in mine. Around 9.00 am we were done and said a very fond farewell to Connie and Noel who made our stay in Perth an absolute pleasure.

A goodbye to Connie and Noel

Furnished only with a photocopied page from a road atlas and a vague idea of the direction we needed to go in we were away. Almost immediately got lost (not really) but we were on a nice cycle path running parallel to the train tracks, this ran for 4 miles the just stopped. There are plans to continue the cycle track in the future, in fact any new road must have provision for a cycle path so travelling by bicycle will only get easier.

A train track a cycle track and a record track

From here it was on to a 3 mile stretch of road until the start of the Railway Heritage Trail, this is a 41km loop of disused railway, we can ride along this for 8 miles right to Mundaring where the Munda Biddi track starts. It is uphill all the way but only at 2.5% gradient (train track remember) and a mixture of compact gravel (easy to ride across) for the most part with areas of soft sand (not easy to ride across).

Starting the Heritage Railway Trail

On the Railway Heritage Trail

After a while and a couple of spills (slow speed flops really) the Mundaring Sculpture Park arrived, shortly followed by the start to our trail.

Here we go at the track start

A visit to a supermarket is needed, so it was across the road and into town for the 2 missing maps, tick, food for 4 days, tick, something for lunch, tick and insect repellent , I hesitate to say tick. The tourist office confirmed no camping around town so back to the trail heading to Mundaring Weir (5 miles) where there is a hostel.

Mid track, an uncyclable (for us on skinny tyres) track, the start of miles of it

At the hostel we saw our first wild (or at least mildly angry) kangaroos along with birds looking like parrots, must get a bird book.

Yes you guessed our first Kangaroo

More Kangaroos

Local birds, not quite a sparow

Not a sparrow either

I’ve just eaten that sparrow

Here we ate a kiwi berry, it is a genuinely sweet gooseberry, nice. Drank tea, nice and scoffed a pasta meal, almost nice.

The hostel

Hostel bed

There is a hotel within walking distance and foolishly thought beer, but it closed at 5.00 pm! Who would believe it?

Today 22.5 miles and 1300 ft of hill.

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