Day 2 Friday 6th April

We awoke very late today 11.00 am, one minute you were wide awake in the early hours, the next the morning had gone. Once we were ready it was a short cycle to Bassendean (7 km) where there is a supermarket and a few other shops. It was 30 degrees and bright sunshine, a good job we picked up factor 50 sun block.

See the name

Once back a cold drink and we were ready for another journey in search of an Aldi (yes the supermarket) as they offer SIM cards using the best network and if lucky we would find fuel for our stove. Off to Morley we went, result a success on the SIM card failure on the fuel. Today’s cycle total 10 miles or so.

We later found out if we had asked for shellite we would have got the correct fuel. Tomorrow will remedy that.

Noel, the dogs, Janet and I went out for a late evening walk, it gets dark at around 6.00 pm, we saw a public toilet, what is special about that you ask? Look.

A public toilet!

Rosie and Paris

A lovely stir fry for tea and settled down to watch a little Commonwealth Games.

Connie and Janet in their natural enviroment

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