Day 141 Our last day in the USA, hello home.

Today is the last of our trip so what better way to start it than a walk up to Elysium Park. Thuan led the way, past the Dodgers Stadium (that is baseball just in case you live under a rock) and up to what should have been some very good views of Los Angeles but we were thwarted by an early morning fog.

Where did Los Angeles go?

By the time we got back it was time to go, Thuan’s son in law Hulio gave us a lift to the very busy LAX airport for around 11.00 am. A very big thank you to Thuan and his lovely family, we have been very lucky to have stopped with you and I know we will see you again.
We had to wait until 2.00 pm before the check in opened, time passes at a different rate waiting in an airport and it certainly dragged it’s heels today.

In the departure lounge

Waiting to check in

Eventually we checked our 2 bags and 2 bike boxes in and were free to make our way through security to the departure area. Security as you would expect was tight (although this was the first time I had to remove shoes though) and you get a full body scan.

Once through we only had to wait until 5.40 pm to get on our plane, at least we found seats and we sat watching the clock inch slowly round towards boarding time.

Getting dark

On the plane Janet had a window seat on the Boeing 787, then we were off. Very quickly up to 39000 feet and 600 mph even at this speed it was a 10 hour journey (and an eight hour time difference). There were films to watch, the seats were not generous with space (thats cheap seats for you) and the food was acceptable (just).

As we neared Gatwick we saw the sun rise over beautiful white clouds before descending through them to a very cloudy (not so beautiful now) and wet London, no surprise there then.

We passed through immigration and customs very quickly, a short wait to get our bags and bikes, all 4 items had made it unscathed. To exit to a waiting family, and that is it, just a wet drive back home. It suddenly became christmas as we walked in through the door to a decorated house, wearing shorts and a tee shirt at christmas just isn’t natural and we had not felt very christmassy (?) in California .

It’s christmas

I will update the equipment and clothing sections with some thoughts on what worked and what we would change next time.

One thought on “Day 141 Our last day in the USA, hello home.

  1. I read this post with a touch of sadness. It made me happy knowing you both were here, cycling somewhere in this crazy patchwork quilt of a country, having new experiences every day. Selfishly, I hope you’ll keep blogging because you made me smile every day, reading your posts. Have a Merry Christmas, and know that just knowing you both-no matter how briefly- added richness to so many lives. Best, Sandy


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