Day 140 Sunday December 11th, Final packing and day of mixed emotion.

After our breakfast it was time to pack up my bike, we now had a pair of boxes all ready to go to the airport tomorrow.

To celebrate I made another bread and butter pudding, we had this for lunch!

That was the main part of the day done, all that remained was to go out for a meal (our last) at Mohawk Bend which served typical pub type food. We ordered 3 meals and shared, although they do have a claim to fame here, 50 draft beers, lets see anyone work their way to the end here (at $7.00  plus tax a glass you can calculate how much that would cost)

A lot of draft beers to try here

On our way back we dropped into the bar / resturant at the end of Sutherland Street, the main reason was the huge sign on the side of the building boasting the best Flaming Margaritas  (as in burning not as in the naughty word) in town. Inside was very nice and the margaritas did in fact flame, they had a mexican band playing as well.

Thuan, Janet and Martin with Flaming Margaritas + a beer

2 thoughts on “Day 140 Sunday December 11th, Final packing and day of mixed emotion.

  1. Ah can’t believe it coming to an end I have enjoyed reading every single day on here an amazing journey we have all enjoyed the ride with you. See you tomorrow we can’t wait xxxx


  2. OMG you are coming home. Meal booked for Friday 16th Dec. The Spring Hill just off the Penn Rd. 1pm meet up, got two places reserved for you. Hope to see you there X X X


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