Day 121 and Thanksgiving (Day 122) still lovin’ San Francisco 

Wednesday we set off to visit Haight Street district, walking down to Castro then continuing along to Haight Street. Unfortunately (and I blame Janet) we turned right instead of left, after a couple of blocks we realised Janet’s error and jumped onto a bus back past Castro, the correct direction this time.

A few trams (I just love them).

When we arrived in Haight Street proper, there was a huge crowd outside a footwear shop, many had raffle tickets. The store had 30 pairs of a training shoe which are very rare and desirable, they cost around $250 a pair, but for the lucky few they could keep them and be very smug in their new shoes or sell them on at around $750, the maths students among you please calculate the percentage profit. I of course already own 3 pairs.

Haight Street is a nice shopping area, you can purchase all of your hippie essentials (a lot of loud colourful floral prints everywhere). Janet brought the said loud floral print, I myself brought a new chakra! We did get a couple of gifts as well, anyone need a third eye?

A few hours later we slowly made our way back to Tim’s apartment doing a little food shopping on the way. Once back it was really nice to bake some things, a very nice bread and butter pudding and a slow cooked curry which is particularly nice.

By now we had lost the light (and could not find it in the dark) so just had a relaxing evening.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING it was thursday and most of the USA is on holiday with family somewhere or other. We have been invited to a thanksgiving dinner with Robin today. We gathered together an overnight bag, beer, pudding and a toothbrush! and made our way into Castro (via Molly Stones grocery store to get some cream).

We caught the underground from Castro to the Civic Centre, here we changed on to the BART line out to Rockridge which is just outside Oakland. The train travels underneath the bay to get across to Rockridge.

Robin collected us from the station and took us to the lovely house she was stopping in. By now it was lunchtime so it was full on dinner preparation, turkey, mash, stuffing (not a sausage meat one though), roast sprouts with cabbage, squash (mashed) and of course wine and beer (luckily we could purchase wine and beer so did not make them). It was lovely and we ate until one of us exploded (I will leave you to guess who).

What do we do now?


They’re sprouts but not as we know them

Once finished we went for a short walk (waddle) to watch the sunset over San Francisco, which it did and it was fabulous. More drinks, some very nice bread and butter pudding and conversation later the evening was all but finished. Many thanks to our outstanding host Robin.

2 thoughts on “Day 121 and Thanksgiving (Day 122) still lovin’ San Francisco 

  1. What’s do we do now? Leave the washing up for Martin obviously!
    So pleased to see you’re having such a great time and meeting such amazing people.


    • He is better at making washing up than doing it. Today we finished our ride and cycled across the golden gate bridge to sausalito it was an amazing last real ride this trip. I must admit to be looking forward to retuning home now and sharing our own christmas meal with our family.


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