Day 117 On to Half Moon Bay (Saturday 19th November)

During the night the wind got stronger and stronger (dam those pinto beans) by morning they were gusting to 20 mph and by 7.30 am when we left the skies were looking very dark indeed. We had to have a good search for our waterproof things as we have not used them for so long now!

Rainclouds gather over a wind whipped sea

Off we set and for once the wind was behind us, you could really feel it pushing you along quite a few times. We were fairly wizzing along, actually hitting 16 mph on the flat!

At 8.20 am the spots of rain started, yes rain in California, who would have thought it! and on went our waterproofs for only the fifth time since our trip started.

Just before the rain started

Very soon we passed the lighthouse hostel, a very well positioned old lighthouse now decommissioned and used to house travellers.

The Hostel

Quite a few hills presented themselves but were found wanting today, the bottom of the hill was usually a perfect beach (apart from the wind and rain), then you climb up and then descend to the next beach, rinse and repeat.

Only one longer climb today, just before Half Moon Bay. After the descent we cycled down Main Street visited the tourist information and found a grocery store to stock up. As we were wandering around, Janet bumped into Tim who lives in San Francisco and was willing to let us stop with him tomorrow night, which we agreed to. Very fortunate for us and thank you Tim.

Equipped with food we made our way to Half Moon State Beach Campground, and just over half a pie later (remember the new unit of measure?) or $14.00 and we were set up. Well one of us did, the other (Janet) had a puncture so pushed her bike a quarter of a mile in the rain. Did I mention that it was still raining?

Half Moon Bay State Beach

My EXPED sleeping mat is now suffering from the same problem Janet’s did, I will be contacting the manufacturer again. I wonder if it is a fault with the mats as two should not fail in the same way.

The campground is right on the beach and the sea is really wild. Walking down the beach is just like being at home during the summer, wet and windy and grey! There was a large flock of small birds flying around.

It is dark now so time to continue reading. Night night.

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