Day 103 What yet another day off!

A few hours in the morning we simply sat in the garden and read or attempted to take a photograph of a hummingbird, they are very fast and flighty indeed.

Then a stroll down into the main town of Carlsbad, it is a very nice place, a proper centre where there are many shops, bars and restaurants where you do not need a car to get from one place to another (a very refreshing change). There is a huge beach which was very quiet indeed, but we are in the off season at the moment and everywhere is quiet.

We had a nice stroll along the beach right next to the breaking waves going as far as we could before returning back to the centre on the main road. By now it was lunchtime and after a good look around we ate at the Naked Cafe, the food was lovely nice and light, very tasty.

I am getting very worn out by the constant insenserity that comes across from the service staff, almost as though they have a manual of phrases to use with customers, if awesome; everything is great right? or other such words are used I will just scream!

On a good note (g) I did get my hair cut although I no longer look like a hippie surfer dude and feel strangely weaker.

The sea seemed to be a lot calmer today.

Gulls waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting sandwich

Then we returned to the house and spent some more quality time just relaxing then sleeping as the family were all out at the charity event Erin organised for the local theatre group.

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