Day 98 A short journey along the Mexico 1

Not a very swift start today, we spent a little time trying to track down someone  who could offer us accommodation in Tijuana, sending a few emails but no reply yet. After our bikes were packed it was time for some cereal, Frosties (or Zucaritas in Mexico) and All Bran (or All Bran in Mexico).Antonio had already gone to work and their sons were at school. However Antonio came back from work to see us off. Both Mara and Antonio have been so good to us, treating us like family, thank you.

It was then down that steep hill again and into downtown Ensenada. A quick stop at TT Cycles who after a 11 minute wait opened at 9.00 am, all I wanted  was a new chain and 90 minutes later there it was all shiny and ready to be used. An excellent job but not the fastest costing $395 (remember £1 = $23) for a KMC chain.

The bike felt a lot better, no clicking noise now, although the front sprocket is very worn (it now matches my knees).

The Mexico 1 is a very busy road, many many trucks (lorries) on it, the shoulder is often small or there is a car parked in it so we have to enter the traffic ourselves which is unpleasant.

Mexico 1 oug of Ensenada

We initially backtracked to where the Mexico 3 enters,  but carry on north instead of heading right to follow the 3, busy but beautiful (much like my hair seems to have become!).

Still by the sea

Eventually the Mexico 1 begins to head north over some hills. The toll road continues around the coast but bicycles are not allowed on it. The toll road is flat and has a wide shoulder and the 1 has no shoulder and is very hilly (sigh). The climb up takes us to 1800 ft of height gain today.

We did see our first rattlesnake.

Don’t step out in front of Janet or this could be you

The road up

Near the top we bumped (well road past) into Isabel and Bruno from France, they have spent 3 years cycling so far and expect to take 2 more to finish their ride. They are on their way to stop at the same house  we did in Ensenada, we did get a couple of names for possible places to stop in Los Angeles from them. The wind was gusting quite strongly now slowing our snail like pace to one a sloth would be proud of.

Cycling for 3 years and still smiling

The road down

We slowly dropped to the sea again and our host’s house came into view, bright blue, a kind of hostel, which was full tonight but owner gave us the basement to sleep in, not the nicest but OK for 1 night.

Janet in the basement, she has not realised I have glued her eyes shut yet

A meal in the local resturant La Fonda was good but expensive for Mexico, it was priced for Americans. Then the day had gone, tomorrow Tijuana.

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