Day 94 Up to a Spa in Jacumba

Today is the first climbing up day we have done in a while, so a very early start is the order of the day. 5.30 awake ready for 6.30 depart, no really this is what we actually did.

Sunrise, proof we actually got up early

Clay cycled with us today so the three of us left together, we made a brief stop at the gas (petrol) station for toilet duties, the cafe had no access to a toilet once it had closed (3.00 pm yesterday, and even the huge bladdered amongst us could not hold that long).

The gas station owner was yet another person offering (Clay) a lift to the top of the mighty hill.

Even in the USA they occasionally use renewable energy

Off we went, a short side road and then we were on the Interstate  (freeway). The best one yet, a wide debris free shoulder. Here we started our climb, 10 miles of 6% – 8% gradient. Slow and steady again.

The freeway winding it’s way up

It was actually a nice cycle, the skies were overcast and a lot cooler, someone extra to talk to makes a difference as well, time flew by, it turned out to be only 2900 ft of climbing.

Janet disgusted by a drink without any alcohol in it

It did not seem very long and we were at our high point for today and left the freeway and started along old highway 80. On they way down we passed right next to the border fence with Mexico, not the wall yet! The road then took us all the way to Jacumba Hot Springs and the Inn where we were stopping tonight. They do a special cyclist rate, nearly half the normal room cost. Janet had a nice soak in the jacuzzi and a bathe in the pool, she looked very relaxed at this point (or it could have been the large can of 12% beer drunk earlier). The rooms are a nice size and all very clean.

The road down to Jacumba and the border with Mexico

We ate here as well the meatballs I had were Ok but the lamb Janet had was very nice.

Tomorow we are heading off route and will probably head into Mexico. We shall see how we do.

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