Day 90 An impulse rest day

Today we will be stopping another night at B & B Bait, it was such a nice welcome yesterday and there is a barbecue on the cards for today.

With nowhere to go to it was a little bit of a lie in, which is always nice. Unfortunately no breakfast but this meant more space for the food later.

The fishing pond

We sat around and generally doing very little (just like at home for one of us!). I did notice that I had another puncture, sigh, this time a previous repair patch had failed. Time to throw it away methinks, the last spare was fitted this already has three patches mmmmm…. I need more tubes.

Luckily when Robin and Rande arrive with the barbecue things, Robin offered to drive me into town to get a new tube. But first to light the barbecue,  little did Robin know but the hose connector was loose and suddenly instead of a nice flame in the barbecue there was a huge flame from the propane cylinder. Everyone scattered leaving Robin to get it under control, a hosepipe spraying water worked and we all gathered nearby again.

I had no luck tracking a tube down in Blythe, our rims need Presta valves and all the tubes I saw were Schrader valves. The cycle shop in El Centro should hopefully sort this out.

The food, a well marinated flank of beef and chicken was delicious  (especially the beef mmm mmm mmm), some lovely devilled eggs, beans, rice and a pasta salad. It all gets a massive thumbs up.


The mayor using years of camouflage experience to hide behind a napkin

We drank a couple of beers sat around a lot then all of a sudden the day had gone.
We would both like to thank everyone at B & B Bait, Wayne the owner, Darcy a delightful host and the many many wonderful people who frequent B & B Bait, particular mention goes to Robin and Rande, it is a very special place which we will remember for a long time.

Tomorrow is potentially a long day, so we will try to get going for 7.00 am. Night night all.

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