Day 89 Cycle into Blythe

The B-10 RV Park was very noisy, probably (no definitely) the worst so far, the interstate just never stopped, very busy. It is a main route into Los Angeles.

All the “tenters” were still asleep as we packed up, they were all men with nothing at all except their car or pickup (and sometimes a dog), they were going to overwinter here then move on before the temperature soars (the 120’s in summer).

B-10 RV Park

Again my bike had a flat tyre to start the day with, the front this time. It turned out to be a split down the seam inside, I tried to repair it but it failed straight away. I fitted the spare one and threw that one away.

It was straight on to the I10 for the majority of todays cycle. As we joined the Interstate I spotted a wallet on the shoulder, it turned out to have credits cards, cash and driving licence  (but no contact number). We would hand it to the sheriffs office in Blythe.

It was a steady climb up for around 7 miles, through cacti and desert. The top beckoned (but never seemed to keep still, it moved further away as we approached it).

We had a very nice descent down (where else would you descend apart from down!) to the Colorado River. We could see Ehrenberg just before the river and Blythe in the distance. On our way down we took a brief service stop where we were reminded of the dangers posed by the wild animals around here.

The Colorado River

As we reached that ribbon of blue called the Colorado River we also reached the boundary between Arizona and California. So goodbye Arizona, hello California. Much of the water for all the towns and farms (and cities) in southern California is extracted from the Colorado River.

A short flat ride and welcome to Blythe, we failed to find anyone who know where the fishing shop (our warmshowers host) was, so Starbucks WiFi saved us and we tracked B & B Bait down. But first a visit to the sheriff’s office to hand jn the wallet, it took a while as they have lots of obligatory paperwork to do.

One of the many irrigation canals

About 2.5 miles north of town we found B & B Bait, and were welcomed by Darcy who runs the place. She gave us a brief tour (they have a small fishing pond here stocked with freshwater bass), somewhere to put the tent, a bathroom and shower (cold no hot water).

Once we were set up we joined a group of individuals who use this as a social club. We joined in drinking a lite beer. There were two “grandpa’s”, Joseph DeConinick (the mayor of the town), Robin (a farm entomologist) of course Darcy, to name a few.

Ingrid a cyclist from Norway turned up then, she was almost finished on the Southern Teir having started in Miami Florida.

Not too long after dark we retired for the night, they continued on for quite a while, but we slept soundly.

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